About the Company

CaseAgile LLC is an innovative software and business service company specializing in integration of platforms and environments for enterprise modeling. CaseAgile LLC offers unique linking capabilities for many leading BPM tools and configurations.

CaseAgile LLC was founded by a team of experienced BPM professionals with decades of process consulting experience. We have vast experience in business process migration among all major platforms and environments, which allows us to quickly identify most effective use-cases and collaborative scenarios for your landscape of model data governance.

Exclusive technological advantages of CaseAgile LLC are based on standard modeling notations and open data formats. Elaborate process transformation framework allows for a visual mapping of master data structures in complex field-wise conversion scenarios. Cascading transforms allow for an easy decomposition of complex conversion rules into well recognizable and reusable templates.

Our skilled architects and consultants have decades of experience in large international projects. Our international team is dedicated to your ultimate success. Sustain your process investment on new technology level with CaseAgile LLC.


CaseAgile LLC
111 NE 1st Street, 8th Floor
Miami, FL 33132, USA