CaseAgile enterprise portal foundation provides an organization’s employees, customers and partners with a single Web-based point for interacting with each other and with applications, processes, documents and other information. Customized enterprise portal based on Enterprise Process Hub serves up personalized projections of information based on users’ individual roles, locations, preferences or other factors. By delivering customized, constantly updated and highly relevant content via Web browser, Enterprise Process Hub provides valuable support for business process management (BPM) and other organizational improvement efforts.

CaseAgile has unique experience in integration of versatile enterprise portals into transparent environment backed up with powerful process transformation technology. Quickly collect dispersed information from multiple instances of Microsoft SharePoint, Atlassian Confluence, enterprise process repositories and conveniently view it in your dedicated enterprise hub with unlimited levels of model nesting, online integration of process documentation, inventory, methodology and semantic search.

CaseAgile Enterprise Process Hub provides all essential advantages enterprise portal technology, such as:

  • Single sign-on through OAuth interface,
  • Integration with dozens of BPM, EA suites and portals,
  • Federation through unique framework for development of custom enterprise adapters and connectors,
  • Customization by visual configuration based on corporate metadata of the semantic content,
  • Access control managing the mapping between portal content and services over the portal user base,
  • Enterprise search to deliver semantic search of enterprise content,
  • Analytics with visual reporting across enterprise process repositories.