Role of business processes in a digital company is far more important than in a traditional organization because digital organization literally consists of the digital business processes it implements.

Traditionally, most business processes are in possession of workers or groups of workers, in other words, process stakeholders. Every worker holds in memory, experience, notes or corporate regulations certain course of action to follow in every particular situation. This implicit or partially formalized set of rules comprises a business model of a company. The model is subject to change by mere verbal discussion and agreement between workers and management, happen business environment evolves or new challenges appear.

Situation is entirely different in a digital organization. Digital systems do not have any implicit awareness on business aspects, just an explicit algorithm to do exact functions, for which they were designed. Therefore, a digital business system is a manifestation of a business process or of a group of processes by virtue of its design. Creation of digital enterprise is imminently model driven act of implementation of enterprise architecture out of digital systems as its elementary business blocks. Digital enterprise is a continuum of coordinated digital processes.