Discovery of Enterprise Methodology

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Business process modeling in an organization often starts with ad-hoc initiatives, which produce dispersed diagrams and process documents. As a rule, these documents are not well organized or follow a single modeling standard.

Business process professionals often neglect these documents and diagrams in favor of costly implementation of entirely new BPM system using professional BPM tools. However, legacy diagrams and documents contain essential knowledge about existing processes on enterprise.

Instead of throwing away this essential knowledge, our team has unique experience in quick automatic discovery of enterprise methodology accumulated in sparse process documentation. Given an array of poorly formatted process documents, we can quickly discover essential business methodology existing in your organization.

As the next step, acquired methodology can be harmonized and ported to any professional BPM system for further improvement of processes across the company. This fundamental knowledge substantially simplifies BPM implementation because it allows to allow disruptions between legacy and newly implemented processes across organization.