Enterprise Process Publishing

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Timely delivery of process information to every worker is crucial for general process awareness and continuous process improvement. CaseAgile LLC offers a number of ways to achieve this goal. Publish processes, receive suggestions, make improvements, demand organization and discipline.

You can publish your processes dynamically by uploading them to Enterprise Explorer Portal. You can also take advantage of a static model structure published for any standalone website or intranet portal whatever technology it uses. All employees can view published business diagrams in every modern web browser.

  • You can present process content according to your corporate security rules or needs of your target groups.
  • Run reports and deep analysis on published data to create print ready process documentation and electronic documents with multilevel content tables and navigation.
  • Powerful semantic search engine provides instant results based on process repository content and documents.
  • Process content can include process diagrams and other documents associated with workflow and corporate policies.
  • User-friendly portal administration includes user administration and permission management based on every repository area.
  • Administrator functions include creating roles, user profiles and individual permission schemas.
  • Available on premise servers and in the cloud.