A simple free tool to view and print business process diagrams in a popular BPMN format.

  • Full conformance to the latest version of BPMN 2.0 specification by OMG.
  • Import models from all major BPM vendors
  • Strict validation of the model according to BPMN specification.
  • Arbitrary scaling and zooming view of most complex diagrams.
  • Support of raster and vector image output.
  • Batch processing of multiple BPMN files.
  • 100% Microsoft .NET managed solution.
  • Loyal open source license for private and commercial use.

Try it yourself!


Code example

Jump start your BPMN capable solution in minutes!

Sample code to read BPMN file and save it as an image:

Model model = BPMN.Model.Read("B.2.0.bpmn");
Image img = model.GetImage(0, 2.0f);
img.Save("B.2.0.png", ImageFormat.Png);

Below is the result: