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How to Define Process?

Process is a manifestation of time.

Physical world has three spatial dimensions and distinct time dimension, along which it evolves. Digital world has an arbitrary multitude of dimensions, which represent various data contexts. But, whatever data types we consider, time still remains standalone and distinct because it describes unique dynamic dimension of change across all variety […]

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Required Features for any Case Management Platform

From BPM viewpoint, case management is primarily distinct as a crossing of multiple scattered and often standalone processes under umbrella of a single grouping factor manifested as a case. Efficient case management requires elaborate integration of processes, both vertically and horizontally, and transparent interaction of multiple execution systems having versatile operational principles, interfaces and metadata […]

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Projections of Enterprise Models

By groups I mean any internal or external users of BPM system. Of course, they can be members of organization or just clients or partners. Naturally, every such group requires own projection of an enterprise model for many reasons. Information disclosure, technical background and job functions are among primary motivators for distinction. Normally, it is […]

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Most Misunderstood Terms in BPM

In short, all terms in BPM are misunderstood. This misunderstanding objectively appears due to mixing enterprise contexts.

Being in the center of enterprise architecture and processes, BPM objectively appeals to versatile groups and enterprise divisions. Each of these groups has very specific terminology and vision of every model and term, which it routinely uses. It is […]

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Apple’s Acquisition of Workflow

Workflow as such looks merely a personal task management solution, rather than an enterprise grade BPM system. As such, the fact of its acquisition by Apple hardly changes much in BPM landscape and may look even not directly related to BPM topic.

However, on a wider scale, it has clear and wide going implications to BPM […]

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Decision Management in Healthcare

Decision management in healthcare and its relations to BPM is very interesting topic. There are at least two aspects complicating timely and precise decisions in medical field. First, it is objective complexity of medicine making it immensely difficult to deduce right decisions from available facts. Secondly, dispersed information and insufficient awareness of medical professional about […]

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