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BPMN popularity over years

According to Google trends, popularity of BPMN steadily grew from 2004 to 2008 and remains on roughly same level over all past decade. It is hard to tell, if it will decrease or rise in future but, objectively, at the moment nothing indicates BPMN’s demise in public sentiments. Vox Populi, Vox Dei.

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BPMN role in adoption of BPM

BPMN has played and plays very positive role in popularization of BPM in general and its wider adoption. As any practical and democratic movement, often far from academia, BPMN is used by many companies to solve their practical BPM problems. This natural usage alone should result in a gradual evolution of BPMN where it will […]

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Best practices in BPM

Best practice is a template or experience accumulated in previous BPM implementations. Any work can be started from a ground or by using an existing experience. As a rule, using previous experience is much more productive than starting from the ground. In this sense best practices in BPM can be considered as a sort of […]

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Can anyone design own business process?

Business typically uses standard tools and solutions but configures and adapts them to own specific. Same situation is with business processes.

As a rule, business does not start from a ground but reuses already existing patterns already established for a specific field or industry. In this case we have an implicit use of process templates already […]

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Strategic business goals and BPM

Many businesses fail to meet their strategic goals simply because they do not use best BPM practices. BPM is exactly an instrument for aggregation of essential business logic and metadata, which, on a higher level, appeals to the accurate establishment of the ultimate business identity and strategic goals. We believe that primary BPM role is […]

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Visionary role of BPM in enterprise IT landscape

We do not consider BPM as one stop GUI for daily user activity. Rather should be is an ultimate visionary platform, which serves to alignment of all real processes and transactions. In this role, BPM more serves for metadata aggregation and a reference guide than for real time control of operations. Users need not to […]

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Relation between BPM and Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is just one aspect of Business Process Management (BPM). Ideally, Business Process Management should stay in the center of all enterprise consolidation and improvement initiatives by providing common reference point for all other enterprise systems, both in terms of their internal processing and interactions in cross-system processes. Therefore, ideally, BPM should […]

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BPM as a tool to diminish disruptions in business

Disruption, if understood as an antonym to continuous development, is an inherent feature of any business activity. Companies, products and projects raise and fall, same as humans and every living being. BPM industry arises as an attempt to understand and, to some extent, control and improve principally chaotic business processes.

In this sense, BPM industry […]

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