One platform to run the whole company is everlasting dream and obsession of IT world. Many companies consider it a blessing to decrease a number of deployed IT solutions. Few, however, think that it is exactly this diversity and complexity that ensures stability and flexibility of corporate IT systems.

Blind reliance on a single, even perfect in every way, solution is among most deadly illusions capable of destroying a successful business. Objective versatility of IT landscape, which appears with time in every company, is a natural safety belt against dependency from a single vendor and powerful long term reservation strategy.

Growing complexity of corporate IT system is an objective reality expressing increasing complexity of the business in digital age. Any attempts of artificial simplification of this complexity lead to degradation of the whole business infrastructure.

The epoch when one hero warrior (or worker, or system) was able doing every mission have gone forever. We live in the time of deepening specialization. It concerns IT same or more than any other sphere of business. Be prepared to manage more IT solutions in your organization day to day.

Exactly this increasing diversity explains growing role, which BPM plays in modern enterprises. A tide of newly emerging IT solutions needs a composer to orchestrate and run this abundance to company’s benefit and success. BPM steps ahead to lead this modern digital challenge.