BPM is not a new fashionable trend. BPM is not an IT solution. BPM is not a branch of knowledge. BPM is a form of existence of any company, regardless is it recognized or not.

Of course, a company doesn’t think of anything. But management does. Management can think of BPM or not.

If management doesn’t think about BPM, it doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t have BPM. It does. But in neglected, arbitrary and not recognized form. In other words, chaotic, not mapped, poorly managed processes.

Thinking BPM means understanding your business, its processes, the way it works, the way it can be governed, developed and improved.

Is it possible to use a gadget or appliance without understanding? Generally yes. But then there is a high risk to break things. User manual or decent tutorial are always recommended.

Business is far more complex thing than any gadget. Running it without a guide and devices incurs a risk of deadly crash. BPM gives a guidance and tools to avoid business crashes.