Data is an indispensable part of any business process. It is simply impossible to imagine a process, which operates without certain input as a starting condition and without an output representing its results. In one or another form, these inputs and outputs are always associated with certain business data. A process is a flow (in business terms, a workflow) transforming the data.

On another hand, data is amorphous and shapeless without a process behind. Data is always a result of certain process and always have a reservation of consumption by one or another process sooner or later. Rarely somebody stores the data, especially, business data, entirely without an intent for subsequent usage.

Business process is a fundamental foundation, which shapes the data and gives it a business sense. Data with an undefined or lost business context become a silos. Synthesis of the data and its associated processes in a business model is the cornerstone for consistent storage of the data and its effective usage in successful process automation.