Is “AI-enabled automation” making a threat to process modeling? I see situation exactly opposite. AI is a shaky and extremely risky ground, especially, it part of insufficient modeling.

Take, e.g. a neural network: several layers, complex training rules, unknown stability in regard to multiple inputs going outside of a training set. In essence, nobody can know for sure, how it will behave in stress conditions, including even authors of the technology.

Now, imagine this black-box, which nobody actually knows or can reliably predict, takes a control of a production chain? a car? a plane? an atomic reactor? It is only a matter of time to await when it crashes or explodes. It is inevitable to see an increasing flood of disasters in AI-driven world without proper models and control.

With present explosive spread of AI, we should definitely see a growing demand exactly for modeling tools, which can clearly explain how this AI works. Alternative to it is a total loss of control by management, which blindly relies on AI without any understanding or insights into underlying technology.