I am confused about mere an action of going digital. Is it one-time event when a company was not digital at all and then instantly became digital? I ve never seen such situation in practice.

Is there any company now, which is not digital altogether? I suppose, not. It is really hard to find a company where nobody has a computer, smartphone or other digital device.

I understand “go digital” in this question more related to global integration initiatives when companies implement large scale IT systems. As such, these initiatives always bear elements of BPM because it is simply impossible to deploy and configure enterprise systems without a clear schema.

IT deployment plans exist in at least three forms.

  1. Simple schemas scratched in standard office packages, such as Visio.
  2. Configuration facilities built into deployed solution, such as found in SAP, Oracle and nearly all other major systems.
  3. Standalone BPM toolset.

In principle, it does not matter much, which tool is used in every particular case. Modeling an organization in Visio is not at all less professional and efficient than in hi-end BPM packages. In every case, it is definitely better to have a business model in place, even if done in a simple way, than not to have it at all.

In more generic form, question is: should a company do a plan before they go into large administrative imitative? Hardly anybody will answer: no! To name it BPM or not, is a matter of taste.