Enterprise Explorer offers a simple and intuitive way for professional business process modeling on Microsoft platforms. Enterprise Explorer instantly transforms an individual Visio® workplace into a powerful multi-user platform operating on a basis of centralized process repository, which opens a way to true process agility through structured relational queries and facilitated process transformations.

It includes central dashboard, model navigator, process inspector, document manager, method composer, business inventory, semantic search, model reports and report designer. Process dashboard seamlessly integrates all business process modeling capabilities available across versatile Microsoft® technologies into intuitive environment seamlessly expanding Office 365 and Visio® experience into Microsoft® cloud collaboration on process design.

Model navigator reveals business objects existing behind your Visio® diagrams in the entirety of their properties, visual symbols, mutual connections and appearances on specific diagram contexts. With its direct SharePoint® connectivity document manager allows to transparently handle and combine local models with enterprise process repositories through simple copy and paste operations typical for a standard file system. Visio® process designer offers easy navigation between diagrams, professional intuitive BPM editor, configurable attributes for elements, validation according to standards and flexible customization of methodology.

Method Composer takes allows for smart filtering and easy extraction of underlying methods directly from existing Visio® diagrams. Semantic search facilitates discovery of essential business information on scattered business processes by using metadata driven queries to guide user through search heuristics. These features turn Enterprise Explorer into complete BPM solution comparable and superseding in the scope and appeal the most advanced offerings of its known competitors in BPM field.