Lack of alignment between IT and business is often seen among primary obstacles to efficient business development. However, it is an exaggeration to literally associate IT and business. With all its power, IT serves just as a tool enabling business operations. As any tool, it has a complex inner structure, which ought not coincide literally with business structure.

Therefore, the gap between business and IT is natural and justified. It should not be obligatory avoided. Elimination of this gap will yield either in a sub-optimal IT structured equally to business or in inefficient business borrowing internal logic of IT. Instead, business should aim a synthesis of operations and technology by cultivating distinct features inherent to each domain.

The primary gap between IT and business is the gap of misunderstanding. BPM plays the crucial role in overcoming this deficiency of communication. The goal of BPM is in seamless integration of business and IT, not in direct merging of them. BPM provides a common language, which allows business and IT to understand each other and productively work together for the ultimate success of the organization.