Digital transformation is often seen and promoted recently as a primary factor of success for a company. IT is a resource delivering implementation of the challenge for digitization. This might create a false impression about IT as a primary driver of business.

Despite its growing power, IT is and will always be just a technology. As a technology, IT has its own logic of functioning and evolution. Even despite functionality and design of IT are largely shaped by demands of business, still principles and internal alignment of IT remain in a primary technical scope.

If left alone or followed as a beacon, IT will drive a company from its true business goals into a virtual world of elusive digital harmony. This danger is getting more and more real in the course of rapidly increasing role of digital governance and real time reporting. As a result, management tends to see the whole business through an IT prism creating a potential for a noxious aberration.

Deviation of a company from an artificial digital focus is an essential factor of self-healing evolution towards true business goals. The gap between business and IT is an objective and important safety distance, which protects business from dissolving in a digital ocean.