By definition, digital business is based on computers, digital devices and digitally managed systems, such as auto driven cars, drones, industrial equipment and IoT. All these systems contain digital processors, which execute processes in forms of commands and programs. Therefore, digital business, at least on a low level, entirely consists of processes. Digital business exists in a form of processes.

Of course, most of these processes are too technical to be considered as business processes in a classical sense. Moreover, on higher management level some or all business operations are managed by humans, employees and company management. Nevertheless, their role in case of digital business is optional and visionary in a sense that fundamental business processes can be automated in this case more than in any other type of business. This gives BPM unprecedented opportunity and power to run and transform digital business on all its levels.

Process hierarchies appearing in digital business can be described by various fractal models. Below we illustrate how process and organizational structures propagate across scales in digital world from processor cores to simulated city landscape modeled through these abstractions.


Intel’s Next Generation Itanium ‘Kittson’ IA64 Processor Detailed