Almost all major BPM suites include now process publisher as their essential component. Process publisher normally implements an essential mission of sharing process knowledge in an organization.

Historically, process publishing first appeared as automatic creation of static collections of web pages representing business diagrams in a company and linked together by navigation trees and embedded hyperlinks. Recently, these process libraries began evolving into dynamic process portals. For many cloud BPM suites these portals already serve as a primary front end for online process collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Typical features of process portals include:

  • Hierarchical process tree.
  • Inventory of business processes.
  • Direct navigation through embedded diagram links.
  • Interactive view of individual diagrams wit pan and zoom.
  • Property panels for all business objects.
  • Global navigation and semantic search.

Advanced features for cloud front-ends also cover:

  • Commenting and discussion on business objects in diagram context.
  • Interactive online design of processes.
  • Storage of process documentation linked to diagrams.
  • Tracking history of modifications for every process.
  • Direct execution of processes from cloud cockpit.
  • Real time monitoring of process execution.

Many more advanced features for knowledge sharing can be found in individual products.

Example: knowledge sharing through through CaseAgile Enterprise Hub.