Even despite BPM methodology and tools are widely known for at least a decade, there still exists a prejudice that BPM is mere a niche technology not well suitable for every company. This biased view entirely ignores crucial visionary role, which plays BPM in the entire IT landscape.

It is hard to find even a single isolated IT area, which has been never touched with modern process management. Literally all aspects of modern enterprise systems are densely filled with principles and features directly borrowed from BPM domain. Moreover, a degree of BPM implementation and compliance increasingly becomes a key factor of success n enterprise software market.

We can definitely say that BPM has gone through impressive and glorious way of evolution and expansion since its early beginning at the shift of centuries. However, this evident triumph went not in a form of direct invasion and overtaking of adjacent enterprise technologies but in more elaborate and less evident form of fundamental diffusion into foundations of modern corporate systems.

BPM is de facto a brain of contemporary business world, although not all managers recognize and acknowledge this hidden power behind more evident and commonly observed layers visible on a surface. In recent years, we went through unprecedented BPM revolution, which not all yet care to distinguish.