Due to explosive growth in robotics and AI automated processes are quickly becoming an essential part of business. Wide adoption of automated processes creates significant challenges for business management.

Automated processes are both simpler and more complex to manage, compared to manual processes. Simpler, because automation is void of any personal attitude or bias of human workers. More complex, exactly for the same reason of absolute impersonation and concentrated responsibility.

In case of an error in manual process there is always a space for an additional control and adjustment of task by a worker. In contrast, automated tasks run autonomously and on far higher speeds. It makes a mission of controlling automated tasks far more stressful and dangerous. Any occasional error on a single process step can randomly propagate the whole running process chain causing catastrophic damages for the whole business.

These elevated control requirements for automated processes make it impossible to run wide scale enterprise automation without a detailed business model in place. Professional BPM and consistent EA are cornerstones in the success of process automation in any organization.