Agile project management is becoming a popular practice, especially in IT development. It offers significant merit in splitting large missions into small sprints dynamically configurable across work teams. When applied creatively, agile approach may significantly improve business responsiveness to emerging challenges in dynamic economic environment.

Despite tempting benefits, agile management bears also significant business risks. Due to simplified decision making and direct informal communication agile approach may potentially dissolve centralized coordination and endanger strategic planning in higher level scope of the whole organization. For this reason, large corporations are typically very cautious on implementing agile practices and sustain from scaling them too widely.

How a company can combine all benefits of agile management and avoid associated risks? Key factor in achieving a balance is accurate business modeling. BPM technology brings necessary structuring and transparency lacked by agile techniques when used alone. Combination of BPM and agile ensures an ideal compound by optimally complementing rigid planning with competitive flexibility in task execution.