Many businesses fail to meet their strategic goals simply because they do not use best BPM practices. BPM is exactly an instrument for aggregation of essential business logic and metadata, which, on a higher level, appeals to the accurate establishment of the ultimate business identity and strategic goals. We believe that primary BPM role is not operational on real time process execution, which are often very well managed by narrowly specialized transactional applications. BPM appeals to strategic visionary level where it allows a company to generalize its daily process routine into a high level landscape of strategic directions and overall mission.

Technologies rise and fall, while a successful business uses and supersedes technical revolutions. This is well illustrated by companies, which exist for centuries and appeared at the age when modern computers were not even in scope of a science fiction. Corporate metadata, when properly managed and maintained, comprise essential know-how, which allows business easily step through quickly evolving and agile technical landscape. BPM is a combination of tools and practices to accumulate this higher level meta-knowledge and grow it into successful business philosophy.