Micro-services is a technology, which enables creation of enterprise applications from small functional blocks distributed across heterogeneous server environments. Micro-services gain popularity due to increasing cloud adoption across organizations undergoing digital transformation.

Due to their principal positioning as interoperable blocks of business logic, micro-services win an increasing attention among BPM professionals as a valuable resource of business automation. However, micro-services are not unique in this respect. Interoperable aggregation of business objects dominates development of corporate IT during all its history. Nearly every notable digital business platform offered its own paradigm of distributed interoperability. Micro-services are just a manifestation of this long trend on the current level of technology.

As any growing ecosystem of business objects, micro-services principally require systematic structuring and maintenance achievable through BPM. Without delimited methodology, dedicated modeling and precious planning complex corporate systems of micro-services can easily fall apart burying costly and time consuming IT initiatives. BPM is principal facilitator and enabler for micro-services universe.